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By confast

19, Oct 2021

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am pleased to invite you to the 2022 ConFAST. The Conference on Fundamental and Applied Science for Advanced Technology (ConFAST) is a biannual international conference series jointly organized by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, with local and International partners. The joint conference would provide unique opportunities for a productive interdisciplinary exchange of ideas in the field of science and engineering among participant from industries, research institute, academia, government and policy maker alike. The 2022 ConFAST themed “Navigating Life Through the Pandemic and Natural Disaster: The Role of Innovative Science and Technology”, aimed to strengthen the society with advanced science and technology in the wake of industrial revolution 4.0 in two folds: (1) Empowering the sci-tech-based enterprize by adopting advanced science and technology to compete globally and, (2) Imparting meaningful purpose on academic research through research to solve a real problems faced by societies or industries. Contraty to the conventional conference organization which organize symposium by similar academic field, ConFAST 2022 take a revolutionary step in organizing symposia based on common purpose to enable comprehensive discussion on certain topics from various perspectives and points of view. The 2022 ConFAST organized into several symposia, to allow for more focused discussion leading to a synergistic movement to address the unique challenge faced by each field of applications.

Joko Purwadi, S.Si., M.Sc.

The 2022 ConFAST general chair