Symposium B

By confast

23, Oct 2021

Symposium B: Physical Science and Engineering

Scope of the symposium includes but not limited to:

Medical physics; Medical device and electromedics; Novel diagnostic methods and tools; Disaster monitoring and mitigation; Seismology; Volcanology; Geodynamics; Geophysics; Instrumentation; Telemetry technology; Remote sensing; Disaster early warning and early detection system; Renewable energy: production, storage and integration; Energy conservation and eficiency; Photovoltaic; Solar thermal; Biofuel; Wind energy; Geothermal energy; Clean nuclear energy; Electrical power; Energy system and management; Advanced materials for energy applications, including: Organic electronics; Nanomaterials and nanotechnology; Metamaterials; Accoustic materials; Optical and photonic materials; Advanced composite materials; Ferroelectric; Piezoeletric; Pyroelectric; Thermoelectric; High-k materials; Chromogenic systems; Seawater desalinisation; Menbrane technology; Reverse osmosis; Navigation; UAV, radar and satelite technology for maritime surveilance; Marintime telecommunications; Seafloor mapping technology; Meteorology and climate change;

Keynotes speaker: Prof. Hsien Tsai Wu

Technical Committee
Symposium chair: Damar Yoga Kusuma, Ph.D.
Symposium secretary: Qonitatul Hidayah, M.Sc., email;

Scientific Committee
Prof Darsono Bahrun – National Agency for Nuclear Power (Scopus ID: 55367047200)
Prof Hariyadi Soetedjo – Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (Scopus ID: 8833969200)
Prof Lee Pooi See – Nanyang Technological University (Scopus ID: 7406117427)
Assoc. Prof. Budi Purnama – Universitas Sebelas Maret (Scopus ID: 16029748100)
Assoc. Prof. Kuwat Triyana – Universitas Gadjah Mada (Scopus ID: 8597558700)
Assoc. Prof. Lydia Helena Wong – Nanyang Technological University (Scopus ID: 12041027200)
Assoc. Prof. Risa Suryana – Universitas Sebelas Maret (Scopus ID: 14523651300)
Assoc. Prof. Raju Kumar Gupta – Indian Inst. of Technology Kanpur (Scopus ID: 37009709600)
Assoc. Prof. Thomas Reindl, Solar Energy Research Inst. of Singapore (Scopus ID: 6603154919)
Assoc. Prof. Yan Jian – Hefei University of Technology (Scopus ID: 55262372600)
Asst. Prof. Damar Yoga Kusuma – Universitas Ahmad Dahlan (Scopus ID: 36618892400)
Asst. Prof. Edi Suharyadi – Universitas Gadjah Mada (Scopus ID: 9737294200)
Dr. Afriyanti Sumboja – Institut Teknologi Bandung (Scopus ID: 36005012700)
Dr. Agus Sukarto Wismogroho – Indonesian Institute of Science (Scopus ID: 6503938346)
Dr. Fatwa Firdaus Abdi – Helmholt Zentrum Berlin (Scopus ID: 55204686600)
Dr. Firdaus Prabowo – HydroVision Asia (Scopus ID: 36338122900)
Dr. Lin Meng Fang – Cranfield University (Scopus ID: 37040732800)
Dr. Rahmat Agung Susyantoko – Khalifa Univ. of Science and Tech. (Scopus ID: 55948386000)
Dr. Teguh Citra Asmara – National University of Singapore (Scopus ID: 55765361800)
Dr. Vijay Kumar Thakur – Cranfield University (Scopus ID: 23977355000)300)SYMPOSIUM