Prof. Dr.-Ing. Setyawan P. Sakti, M.Eng


Abstract. Quartz crystal microbalance is one from many unique sensor which can be used widely from physical quntity detection to chemical sensor and biosensor. The sensor preparation, system instrumentation and the usage of the sensor can be developed and implemented using simple and limited resource of until a high sopisticated research tools. Wide range of development aspect covering the instrumentation system, sensor surface modification, sensitive layer development and sensing device as well as the field of application is an interesting aspect for the academic and commercial interest. The electronic development based on the current state of microelectronic technology enabling a high sensitivity system with in a compact and simple form. Using a FPGA device and TCXO, high resolustion frequecy counter with a reoslution down to 0.01Hz fro 10 MHz based frequency can be achieved. This equivalent to a mass sensitivity resolution of 42pg/cm2. The appropriate reaction cell was developed using the 3D printing technology to suit the common quartz crystal resonator form factor. This allow the development using a very cost effective sensor device with a price of around 1USD/pcs. Sensor coating using spin coating, air brush, ultrasonic deposition, electrodeposition UV radiation, plasma treatment and and surface modification using UV irradiation and plasma can be optimized without any effect to the sensor performance but increase the funtionality of the surface. Biomolecule detection using QCM sensor showed a good result down to nanomole and picomole concentration.

Biography. Setyawan P. Sakti received his M.Eng. in Sensor Science and Engineering from University of South Australia in 1994, and Dr.-ing. in Sensor and Micro System from Otto von Guericke University, Germany in 2000. He has authored hundreeds of scientific journals, proceedings, as well as books; and inventor of 7 patent granted to date. Setyawan is currently a Professor in Physics in faculty of Science, Universitas Brawijaya, he also serves as reviewers and expert panel in the ministry of Research and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia.

Faculty of Science Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Kampus 4 UAD Jl. Ring Road Selatan, Tamanan, Banguntapan, Bantul
Yogyakarta, Indonesia