Symposium A

International Symposium on Maritime, Oceanic, and Atmospheric Science

Scope of the symposium includes but not limited to:

Fisheries; Aquaculture and marineculture; Fish preservation technology; Coral reef; Salt production technology; Seawater desalinisation; Menbrane technology; Reverse osmosis; Navigation; UAV, radar and satelite technology for maritime surveilance; Marintime telecommunications; Seafloor mapping technology; Meteorology and climate change; Coastal ecology; Marine life conservation; Marine biodiversity; Extreeme events; Maritime souvereignty; National and international policy in maritime.

Keynotes speaker: Susi Pujiastuti (Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries)*

Technical Committee
Symposium chair: Anton Yudhana, Ph.D., email:
Symposium secretary: Joko Purwadi, M.Si., email:

Scientific Committee
Assoc. Prof. Anton Yudhana – Universitas Ahmad Dahlan, Indonesia (Scopus ID: 36660093000)
Assoc. Prof. Kitichate Sridith – Prince of Songkla University (Scopus ID: 6506521909)
Asst. Prof. Afroz Ahmad Shah – Universiti Brunei Darussalam (Scopus ID: 55511747410)
Dr. Arief Budi Witarto – Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa (Scopus ID: 6507004235)
Dr. Hanik Humaida – Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource (Scopus ID: 55341598700)
Dr. Novan Tofany – National University of Singapore (Scopus ID: 36613520800)
Dr. Kok Poh Heng – University Malaysia Terengganu (Scopus ID: 56890761400)
Agus Budi Santoso – Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resource (Scopus ID: 56188540300)
Gunawan S. Prabowo – National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Scopus ID: 55366896300)


Faculty of Science Universitas Ahmad Dahlan Kampus 4 UAD Jl. Ring Road Selatan, Tamanan, Banguntapan, Bantul
Yogyakarta, Indonesia