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The 2019 ConFAST organized into several symposia:

Symposium A: Maritime, Oceanic, and Atmospheric Science

Scope of the symposium includes but not limited to:

Fisheries; Aquaculture and marineculture; Fish preservation technology; Coral reef; Salt production technology; Navigation; UAV, radar and satelite technology for maritime surveilance; Marintime telecommunications; Seafloor mapping technology; Meteorology and climate change; Coastal ecology; Marine life conservation; Marine biodiversity; Extreeme events; Maritime souvereignty; National and international policy in maritime.

Keynotes speaker:

Susi Pujiastuti (Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries)*


Symposium B: Sustainable Energy and Smart Materials

Scope of the symposium includes but not limited to:

Electrical power; Energy system and management; Renewable energy: production, storage and integration; Energy conservation and eficiency; Organic polymers; Nanomaterials and nanotechnology; Metamaterials and accoustic materials; Optical and photonic materials; Advanced and composite materials; Aerospace coating; Piezoeletric; Thermoelectric; Chromogenic systems

Keynotes speaker:

Assoc. Prof. Thomas Riendl (National University of Singapore)*


Symposium C: Life Science and Health Technology

Scope of the conference includes but not limited to:

Medical physics; Medicine science; Biomedical engineering; Bioinformatics; Biopharmaceutical science; Medical device and electromedic; Science for food seurity; Food microbiology; Food safety; Halal technology; Agriculture; Aquaculture; Marine biology; Natural product and organic synthesis; Enzymes; Microbiotechnology; Biotechnology; Biochemistry and molecular biology; Genetics and bioengineering; Environmental science; Sustainability; Applied ecology.

Keynote speaker:

Dr. Warsito P. Taruno (CTECH Lab)


Symposium D: Environmental Science and Disaster Mitigation 

Scope includes but not limited to:

Forestry; Disaster management; Disaster analysis; Disaster monitoring and mitigation; Emergency preparadness; Risk mitigation; Risk and security; Community resilience; Socio-economic issue; Health risk and disaster psichology; Case studies; Human factor; Hazard risk assesment; Risk communication; Preparedness and training; Learning from disaster; Seismology; Volcanology; Geodynamics; Geophysics; Instrumentation; Telemetry technology; Remote sensing; Disaster early warning and early detection system

Keynote and invited speakers:

Asst. Prof. Ahmad Afroz Shah, Ph.D. (University Brunei Darussalam)


Symposium E: Intelligent Systems in Informatics and Computing

Scope of the conference includes but not limited to:

Artificial intelligence; Robotics and comuter vision; Human computer interaction; Data mining; Machine learning; Pattern recognition; Biometrics; Face recognition detection; Medical image processing; Motion detection; Soft computing technique; Image retrieval; Cloud computing; System, Telecommunication and networking; Virtual reality; E-governance; E-health; Internet of Things; Big data analitics; Business intelligent; Geometric modelling and processing; Traffic optimizations; Transportation management; Signaling; Self-driving car

Keynote and invited speakers:

Assoc. Prof. Le Hoang Son (Vietnam National University)*



*in confirmation


ConFAST 2019


Faculty of Science Universitas Ahmad Dahlan UAD Kampus III, Jln. Prof. Dr. Soepomo,
Janturan, Warungboto, UH, Yogyakarta, Indonesia