July 20, 2018

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ConFAST 2016 Secretariate

Faculty of Science
Universitas Ahmad Dahlan
UAD Kampus III, Jln. Prof. Dr. Soepomo,
Janturan, Warungboto, UH, Yogyakarta, Indonesia


Contact Person

Damar Yoga Kusuma, Ph.D.
Phone: +62-274-563515 ext 3114
Mobile: +62-82-242-818-039
Email: damar.kusuma@fisika.uad.ac.id
Website: confast.org


The 2016 Conference on Fundamental and Applied Science for Advanced Technology is jointly organized by
Faculty of Science, Universitas Ahmad Dahlan,
Center for Accelerator Science and Technology, BATAN,
NanoCenter Indonesia and,
Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa